Trizzy might be the Drake 2016 with his “Winners Never Quit” mixtape

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trizAn American recording artist, record producer, and artistic songwriter based in Utica, NY, Trizzy — he released his first album, Winners Never Quit, in 2016 under Ruby Recordings umbrella. His unique factor is his ability to create his own production. He’s talented in both areas but his specialty is connecting with his audience. He expresses his trails & tribulations to listeners but offers continuous motivation. He honors the past, but refuses to live in it and that is why he continues to push the boundaries of hip hop music forward, creating an exciting new blend that is as emotionally potent as it is commercially appealing.

Recently Trizzy dropped a banger of a mixtape via his Soundcloud check out the sounds below and be sure to follow Trizzy on all social media!

Twitter: @ImtherealTrizzy
Facebook: @ImtherealTrizzy
Instagram: @ImtherealTrizzy






















Ohio Rapper Donny Arcade snags Lazyie Bone of Bone Thugz-N-Harmony for conscious feature

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Donny Arcade is a rapper known for his conscious approach to the art form known as hip hop and rap. He takes messages from the past and ties them lyrically with concepts of ancient Egyptian characters making for a history lesson and very feel good music. Which is something this world could use given all the non educational material we have to choose from.

Recently Donny Arcade teamed up with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Layzie Bone, Anjolique and Billy Carson for his new single “Emerald Tablets” which he dropped this past week via his YouTube Channel and now has aquired almost 10k views which is good for unsigned artist on YouTube and the Layzie Bone feature is definitely not a bad look. Even better the song is well produced and breathes a breath of fresh air with each bar dropped and each conscious lyric delivered through Donny and his multi talented featured guests


Check out the lyric video for Emerald Tablets by Donny Arcade featuring Lazyie Bone below and be sure to follow Donny Arcade on social media @DonnyArcade


Reality TV stars Patrik Simpson and Pol Atteu dominate the small screen and steal our hearts

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Patrik Simpson and Pol Atteu are well  recognized when you bring up the name E!, REELZ , LifeTime, HGN and even the very famous Anna Nicole Smith who Patrik Simpson and Pol Attue recently published a book about titled ” Anna Nicole Smith: Portrait of an Icon”  So it’s no surprise that After years of hard work and major red carpet appearances and the before mentioned major United States TV appearances on several major TV networks that these two and their precious SnowWhite’s presence are becoming known to the masses they have appeared in most recently  Pampered Pooches on  ITV2 in the UK , Hollywood Madness on ProSeiben in Germany, and even Bow Wow World on NHK in Japan so it looks like these PPBoyz Beverly Hills (as they are called) charismatic duo are also going international.



Tomorrow May 20th  Patrik and Pol are hosting Pink Party for Long Beach Gay Pride and sponsoring “Brides for Good” Charity Venice Pub Crawl this Saturday where they will help raise money for breast cancer, with their celebrity friends, Gretchen Bonaduce, Musician Kevin Starr and reporter Heather Michaels

Gay Pride in california is always a huge turn out so The Long Beach Gay Pride definitely didn’t miss the mark when choosing this fabulous couple to host their Pink Party. Major celebs like Betty White, Tara Reid, Christina Milian, and RHOBH’s, Lisa VanderPump and Adriene Maloof all adore the couple and their famous dog who grabs the attention of all the Paparazzi when she walks the red carpet.



IMG_5010_2Be sure to follow Patrik Simpson and Pol Atteu on social media to keep up with all their fabulous adventures along side their elite social crowd

Twitter @PatrikSimpson  @PolAtteu @SnowWhite90210

Before you go check out Patrik Simpson and Pol Atteu  in a clip of LifeTime TV’s “Living with the Enemy” that just late last year in 2016.



NEW MUSIC: Poe Leone drops ” Maro” and changes the game | @Mista_Poe

image3 (1) recently covered up and coming Atlanta, GA  based rapper Poe’ Leone.  Which caught our eye and we definitely had to take a listen. We were not disapointed to say the least!  Poe’ Leone delivers a performance on his track “Maro” so authentic and raw that it brings back us to the Snoop Doggs ” Gin and Juice” reports 

“Poe’ Leone has made music with industry artists such as Lil Durk, Travis Porter, and Young Dolph among many more being in this music game for years, he has truly earned his stripes and put in his work. He works out of East Jefferson and Atlanta mostly with the music having in house producers in both areas so look out for his single with Young Dolph and Trouble as well as this single here “Maro” “

Poe Leone is currently signed to GR Mangement where he dropped his new single via his management’s Soundclound.

Check out “Maro” by Poe’ Leone below and be sure to follow Poe’ Leone on Social media!

Instagram: @poe_leone

Twitter: @Mista_Poe

Facebook Poe’Leone music page


Mrs Edwards of RPU after school program attempts to kidnapp 6 year old boy

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imageJQ-1On Tuesday even police were called on a black female to california city’s after school progam.  The woman had called several times to communicate with the school that she would be late to pick up her son. At 630 Pm we learned that upon arriving  to pick up her child a Mrs Edwards had locked the black female out of the building cutting any contact with her son and refusing to release the 6yr old.  The police arrived and was told by 3 witnesses that the black female was simply was late because the driver had an emergeny and wasn’t able to make it righ at 6.

Since when does 30 minutes late equal the a crisis that police need to be involved epescially when the mom has repeatedly said and explained her situation.  Also since when was it not normal for schools or their afterschool programs to deal with a parent every now and then that is going to be in a situation where they would be late. Are you telling me that 30 minutes late equals trying to have somones kids taken? My opinion  a racist would.  I have heard deploarable things about the school district in Mojave.  I have heard that the majority of the problems stem from inadequate teachers not to mention the school has a 1 star rating which clearly states the school is a glorified daycare and the children , the parent and safety and over all well being is of no ones concern.  I think a petition should be started to have RPU should be evaulated as well as Mrs Edwards and being fired for locking the door making it impossible possible makong the child feel unsafe and I am also pretty sure it’s illegal to hold a child against their will when you have the direct access to a parent.  A parent literally standing outside of door.

Luckily the police  were rational and agreed with the woman and told Mrs Edwards and the supervisor to release the child.  This is unacceptable to put children and parent and any human being to be demeaned in such a manor!!

Lets get Mrs Edwards fired!!! Lets tell RPU we are tired of your piece of crap teachers and racist non rational staff,.


Chef Sean and Blaze open for Snoop Dogg in Scottsdale Arizona

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CS&B Live Wire 120415_021

Trap Rock Group Chef Sean and Blaze spotted opening up for Snoop Dogg with Mack 10 and Tha Eastsidaz at the Live Wire in Scottsdale, Arizona December 2015.The crowd was thick and this kicked off the west coast tour. Keep on the look out for more Chef Sean & Blaze tour gig dates.

CS&B Live Wire 120415_047

Chef Sean & Blaze at the Troubadour, Hollywood, California. Photo by Steve Tracy 9-12-14.

Chef Sean & Blaze at the Troubadour, Hollywood, California. Photo by Steve Tracy 9-12-14.




Empire Lee Daniels joins TS Madisons Maddie Mob

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Lee Daniels is well known for being the mastermind behind the fox hit TV series Empire. Millions of people all over the world watch Empire and its colorful A-list cast! 

 The past couple days however Lee Daniels has been doing the watching. Specifically TS Madison, a trans mogul, advocate and reality TV/ internet star, who is currently filming her own sure to be hit TV show with World of Wonder production.   Lee Daniels posted via his Instagram account, along with a video of Madison and a caption that said he had been “Instastalking” Madison for the last two days.  lee-daniels-empire-getty-600
Could this be a hint and foreshadowing of Empires season 3?  Is Lee Daniels much like TS Madison’s massive following chosen the famous Trans Mogul as “That girl”?

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Personally I think Madison would be a great addition to the uber talented cast  so be sure to follow TS Madison on Instagram at TheRealTSMadison and hit up Lee Daniels page and tell him #CastTSMadisonOnEmpire using the hashtag of course!

Check out Lee Daniels Instagram  pics below! 





Melisss Rich Brown plans memorial service for Patrick J. Vettraino

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Melissa Rich Brown is a famous Hollywood trans woman, performer and radio personality.  who appears on her weekly radio show “Spillin The Tea” on TradioV  along side her fellow co-host Cake Moss.  Melissa Rich Brown a native from Washington DC Has been performing in the Hollywood area for 10 years. where she met Patrick also known in the drag community as Livonia of Sassy inc. Recently Patrick passed away and succumbed to his 5yr battle with cancer. Patrick appeared on Melissa radio show while in a hospice where he reminisced about his times in the Hollywood scenes and the happier times with Melissa Brown. Although enthusiastic during the call and very full of life Decemeber 11th 2015 3pm he passed away.


The entire drag and performer community  upon hearing the news of Patrick’s passing took to Facebook to share their grief and memories. Prior to his passing a celebration of Patrick’s life was thrown at Here Lounge located in the West Hollywood area.  The celebration was hosted by Brown, famous interior designer Bobby Trendy and Jonathan Chang  Many people came to show their support and celebrate the Sassy Inc founders life.

Naturally the next phase for Patrick’s life is a funeral and memorial service  which Brown has taken the iniative to plan along with close friends and family.  There’s no date as of now for the memorial serice but Melissa updates her Faceoook page frequently and an annoucement will be made soon she tells OMG.

When asked about Patrick’s passing and Brown had this to say

” I am overwhelmed and saddened by the news and I am not sure that I have actually processed his passing and the loss of my dear friend. I am so happy I got to speak to him and that I was his favorite queen.  His last words were to love each other,  take care of each other and be as one”

Be sure to follow Melissa Rich Brown on Facebook to stay up to date on all the details of Patrick’s funeral and memorial service.




Darth Qaasim feat Lady Leshurr Pass it

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Good music is hard to find because  every time you find a song you love the internet and your playlist totally turns it into a song that you used to love.  While on twitter a few days ago I came across a post by Lady Thriller of about Lady Leshurr and a rapper by the name of @DarthQaasim  I  checked  it out and wow!

The beat is sick! Where has this guy been?  ( Lady Thriller thank you so much) The music is well produced not like a lot of Soundcloud junk that is randomly tweeted all over twitter  DarthQaasim starts off the rap and his lyrics are dope! He has one of those easy to listen to flows !   The guy is a massive talent as he also produced the beat his soundcloud says. Lady Leshurr slides in on the second verse  and just like  DarthQaasim  she kills the beat  with her  soulfully sweet rap queen voice , This song is now on my playlist forever.

The song  is located on DarthQaasim’s soundcloud you can check it out for yourself below!  It’s definitley worth the download!


Youtuber Lauren Francesca is Playboys new “It” Girl

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Popping up all over our social media timelines, Lauren Francesca is fast becoming a recognizable face.  Some may know her as IwantMyLauren  from YouTube as the hilarious girl in the parody videos featuring tons of other famous youtubers and celebs.IMG_4759 copy

Playboy also seems to be especially smitten with the 23yr old actress turned internet star because she has been popping up all over their social media platforms over the course of the last few months.  Lauren Francesca seems to be playboys favorite as they have featured her in several of their online videos and even making her their “How to make a  Thanksgiving apple pie” featured video  which they posted on their Facebook page and has now garnered almost 6 million views.

Playboy is a platform most known for giving beautiful women a spotlight to showcase their talents.  Every month featuring a well known beautiful face or Celeb on their cover with a full page spread! Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Azealia Banks has graced the famous magazine so it’s no surprise to see why they would pick up-and-coming YouTube star Lauren Francesca as one of their favorites to feature!


Check out Lauren Francesca in a behind this   scenes video via  where she talks about her first video she ever uploaded and how to kiss women!
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