Elie Goulding ‘Love Me Like You Do’ Music Video Premiere!

Ellie Goulding, Fifty Shades of Grey

Elie Goulding Love Me Like You Do Music Video

I want to thank Elie Goulding because before this song came out I literally had T-Swift‘s lyric “boyyyys only want love if it’s torture” stuck in replay in my head for the past month! But now I have “la-la-la love me like you do” stuck in my head instead… I’m not sure if that’s any better, but I love the song!

The music video features scenes from the upcoming film Fifty Shades Of Grey along with Ellie ballroom dancing! Ellie recently had this to say about the video on a radio interview:

“I’m dancing in it! I basically have become fascinated with ballroom dancing so I was like, ‘Can I please do some dancing in it?’ So they let me do that,” Ellie shared about the video directed by Georgia Hudson.

She added, “There’s a guy in it, Charlie, and there’s some really sensual moments in it, and it’s in a really beautiful house. I think it’s one of my favorite videos.”

Check it out (below)!

Love me like you do, la-la-la love me like you do!


Fifth Harmony’s New Track ‘Worth It’ Is Everything!

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony Worth It


Fifth Harmony just recently released this hot new track called Worth It featuring Kid Ink and it will have you looking like a fool while poppin’ it and lockin’ it and droppin’ it!

The track is off of their upcoming studio album Reflection, which comes out Tuesday, Feburary 3. Check it out (below)!


Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Encounter May Be The Most Awkward Thing… Ever.

Harry Styles, Taylor Swift

taylor swift harry styles

We all know Taylor Swift and Harry Styles don’t have the brightest past, but I didn’t know it was this bad!

TMZ released a video of the awkward encounter at what appears to be in a lobby of a hotel, the two didn’t say a single world to each other! It’s almost uncomfortable to watch.. check it out (below)!

Hm… Weird.


OMG! News Around The Web

OMG! Celeb News Around The Web

oscar nominations

None for you, Jennifer Aniston: The Oscar nominations are out – Dlisted

Did In Touch go to far with the Bruce Jenner edited cover? YES. Leave the poor man alone. – Celebitchy

Joe Manganiello looks adorable in LA – Socialite Life

Yes Gaga! Love her without any makeup – Celebslam

Barf… Rihanna and Leonardo?! Hell no Rihanna step 6.9 feet back! – Just Jared

Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman On Air With Ryan SeacrestLainey Gossip


Justin Bieber Wants You To Know He’s Buff… And Packing.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Instagram Picture

Justin Bieber really, really wants everyone to know that his Calvin Klein campaign photos weren’t photoshopped. That his body is on point and his “package” is real, he posted the photo (above) captioned “Photoshop lol” to prove it.

Us Weekly even spoke to Justin and he told them, “I work out with my trainer, Patrick Nilsson, five days a week for about 45 minutes each.”

Now my first observation was why would he post a picture of his hair looking like one of those troll dolls, and the second was “damn is that his bathroom, does the queen really need 6 sinks?!” And the third was okay… we get it.

[Image via Instagram]


Chris Hemsworth Dancing In A Wet T-Shirt… Video & Gifs!

Chris Hemsworth, Jimmy Fallon

Chris Hemsworth Wet

Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth and acclaimed sexiest man alive appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night (January 13) where he played a game of war with Jimmy. For every hand of war, the loser had a glass of water thrown on them… and let’s just say by the end of the game Chris was dancing soaking wet!

Chris was promoting his upcoming film he stars in Blackhat, opening in theaters this weekend.

Check out the video and gifs of him dancing after the jump! Click here for the goods!

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New ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ TV Spot!

Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Duran

fifth shades

During the 2015 Golden Globes last night, fans for the film Fifty Shades of Grey scored after a new trailer was released.

The trailer shows us the more sexual side of Christian Grey and his story as well as the couples first public run-in. We also see Anastasia Steele meet Christian’s mother played by Marcia Gay Harden.

Check it out (below)!

[Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC]

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Tina Fey & Amy Poehler’s Bill Cosby Joke Leaves Audience Shocked + Golden Globes Full Winners List!

Amy Poehler, Golden Globes, Tina Fey

I think it’s safe to say to expect the unexpected expected if Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the  2015 Golden Globes together, or anything for that matter. We’re are bound to get funny, uncomfortable, and just down right “OMG” did she really just say that moments. They poked fun at celebrities, but their jab at Bill Cosby invoked laughing, side eyes (from JLo), and gasps. Via Buzzfeed. –

“In Into the Woods, Cinderella runs from her prince, Rapunzel is thrown from a tower for her prince, and Sleeping Beauty just thought she was getting coffee with Bill Cosby,” Poehler joked.

But, the joke wasn’t over yet. “I don’t know if you guys saw this on the news today, but Bill Cosby has finally spoken out about the allegations against him. Cosby admitted to a reporter,” Fey said, before busting in to a Cosby impression, “‘I put the pills in the people! The people did not want the pills in them!’”

Poehler replied, “No, Tina, hey. That’s not right. That’s not right. It’s more like, ‘I got the pills in the bathrobe and I put ‘em in the people!’”

Oh yeah, they really went there…

bill cosby golden globes

Check out the full list of 2015 Golden Globe winners after the jump!

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Did Beyonce Just Announce She’s Pregnant On Instagram?!


is beyonce pregnant

The internet and all of Beyonce‘s beyhive are in a frenzy after she posted a picture on Instagram with a pronounced bump on her belly – is this Queen B’s way of telling us she’s preggers or is everyone loosing their cool over nothing?

It’s hard to tell, I mean it definitely looks like a baby bump, but then again she definitely only has one boob in this picture and we know that’s not true. So… Either Beyonce really is pregnant, or she just decided she wanted to mess with the internet today

Do you think Beyonce is preggers?

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Sia Debuts ‘Elastic Heart’ Music Video Featuring Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

Shia LaBeouf, Sia

sia elastic heart music video maddie ziegler shia labeouf

I remember watching the music video for Chandelier and thinking it was such a beautiful music video. Sia did it again and I think she did it even better this time with the music video for Elastic Heart.

The music video features Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms/the Chandelier music video, and surprisingly coming out from left field a.k.a no where – Shia LaBeouf, who actually did an amazing job.

The music video explains the very difficult relationship between Sia and her father who had split personalities. You really have to look at the music video as an art piece because there is so much symbolism. For example, the cage representing her fathers imprisonment and how through growing up Sia (Maddie) was able to escape from it, but sadly her father (Shia) couldn’t escape because he was stuck in his ways.

Check it out (below)!

Simply amazing!