The Vampires Have Awaken In Vancouver!

by OhEmGee on May 5, 2009


Michael Sheen who will be playing Aro in New Moon, and Jamie Bower who will be playing Caius, have arrived in Vancouver. See I told you it was just a matter of time before almost all the Voultri members arrive in Vancouver! Lainey Gossip has pictures of the two arriving separately during the day. Lainey informs us about a lot of what’s going on theVancouver set, but there aren’t any pictures available yet:

Green screen work that involves driving around in a Porsche. And the cliff diving scene. Bella wants to jum

p, Edward the apparition asks her not to.

Then Edward takes a phone call, gets very upset and the phone disintegrates in his hand.

And then Edward, Bella, Alice are escorted by some vampires (including Dakota Fanning) through the underground passage to meet with the others.

Also shooting the scene when they leave and Heidi brings in the victims.

P.S.- Doesn’t Michael Sheen look so creepy?! He just screams Aro the mighty and dangerous vampire!


Also, Michael Sheen just updated his Twitter, saying that he is off to costume fittings and that he starts filming New Moon tomorrow!

How exciting!! It’s crazy how these actors act out the scenes that are so important to us and just seems so untouchable and precious for anyone to be able to act everything out just the way we imagined.

Either way I’m sure they will manage to somehow fulfill are expectations, or else they will have very angry fans!

Best of luck to all the Voultri!

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