Twilight Fan Party In Berlin, Germany!

by OhEmGee on June 6, 2009


Today, June 6th, was the Twilight fan party in Berlin, Germany and by the looks of some of the pictures it looked like a total blast!

The party featured many Twilight stars such as Ashley Greene, Charlie Bewley who is playing Demetri in the Voultri, and Daniel Cudmore who is playing Felix in the Voultri, and Bobby Long who co-wrote, “Let me sign,” by Robert Pattinson.

The evening started with all the Twilight stars arriving to the Twilight fan party where they met-and-greeted many fans, and following that the Twilight stars went on stage and as you can see (pictures) the fans sure were excited, but hey who wouldn’t?

P.S.- Can you guys spot the Alice Cullen look-a-like in the crowd? And aren’t Ashley’s shoes freaking snazy?! Just a heads up be sure to look out for something zebra-ish on our site soon ;]!

Also, any website, blog, etc please give credit and link back to our blog article it took a lot of time to get these photos, edit, and etc, thank you.

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[Images by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

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