OMGCN Exclusive!: Interview With Gil Birmingham At The 2009 Vision Awards!

by OhEmGee on June 29, 2009

exclusive interview with gil birmingham

Gil Birmingham attended the 2009 Vision Awards at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel on Saturday evening (June 27th).

And we are very proud to announce that OCN also attended the award show and had the chance to interview Gil Birmingham!

With the tons, and tons of e-mailed questions sent in we had to pick a good question that we’re sure everyone would be dieing to know, and one question only because press was very tight! If you could choose would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?

Gil Birmingham: Ohh.. You gotta go with the werewolf’s! Don’t you think? Why would you pick that?

Gil: Because they’re hot, you know who wants to be cold? Were right under the 108 degree temperature, don’t women love that? I guess so, (laughs).

Gil: *Giggles*

But hey I guess some women do prefer their men to be 108 degrees!

Big thanks to Gil for taking time to answer our question, and a extra big thanks to Tanya Dickson for making this all happen! (Tanya’s the woman with magical words, baha!)

Anyways, ladies do you prefer your men to be extra hot?

Enjoy the interview below with Gil Birmingham and OCN, click here to view our channel and subscribe!:

[Images © Shant Shahinian/, anyone is welcome to use as long as full credit and just a revision then link is given, thank you.]

P.S.- Many more interviews will be up soon!

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  • Christian

    Haha, that’s awesome! Great job!

    (Nope, I prefer cold to hairy, LOL :D)

  • Danni

    im totally for the wolves. i get cold in winter…
    u shud totally become one! :D

  • PattinsonH8R

    Hey admin :)

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