2009 Scream Awards Winners List!

by OhEmGee on October 18, 2009

Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards took place last night at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles and of course the main talk of the night was Twilight! The two-hour show will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27th, can the wait be any longer?!

Taylor Lautner introduced brand new clips of The Twilight Saga: New Moon which drove the fandom absolutely crazy on Twitter!

Rumors started earlier in the week that Kristen Stewart was going to attend the show, but after pictures of her were taken at the airport on her way to Los Angeles the speculations grew even stronger. There was no sightings of her at the show but we have a feeling that Spike TV might be planning something extra for the premiere day.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation!

Here is the winners list of the 2009 Scream Awards thanks to DreadCentral

Most Anticipated Fantasy Film:
Alice in Wonderland — Presenter: Jessica Alba. Accepting: Johnny Depp

Best Sci-Fi Actress:
Megan Fox — Transformers 2 — Presenter: Justin Long. Accepting: Megan Fox

Break-out Performance Female:
Isabelle Lucas — Transformers 2 — Presenter: John C. Reilly. Accepting Isabelle Lucas.

Best Villian:
Alexander Skarsgård — “True Blood” — Presenter: Kate Bosworth. Accepting: Alexander Skarsgård.

Break-out Performance Male:
Taylor Lautner – Twilight — Presenter: Christina Ricci. Accepting: Taylor Lautner.

Best Comic Book Writer:
Geoff Johns — Presenters: Eliza Dushku and Dave Navarro. Accepting: Jeff Jones.

Best Comic Book Movie:
Watchmen — Presenters: Eliza Dushku and Dave Navarro. Accepting: Jackie Earle Haley.

Rock Immortal Award:
Keith Richards — Presenter: Johnny Depp. Accepting Keith Richards.

Best Horror Movie:
Drag Me to Hell — Presenter: Jennifer Carpenter. Accepting: Sam Raimi and principal cast minus Allison Lohman.

Best Horror Actor Male:
Stephen Moyer – “True Blood” — Presenter: Liv Tyler. Accepting: Stephen Moyer.

Best Horror Actor Female:
Anna Paquin – “True Blood” — Presenter: Jackie Earle Haley. Accepting: Anna Paquin

Scream Mastermind Lifetime Achievement Award:
George A. Romero — Presenter: Quentin Tarantino. Accepting: George A. Romero

Best Director:
JJ Abrams – Star Trek — Presenter: Harrison Ford. Accepting: JJ Abrams

Best TV Show:
“True Blood” — Presenter: Cast of “Vampire Diaries”.

Best Fantasy Movie:
Twilight — Presenter: Elijah Wood. Accepting: Taylor Lautner

Comic-Con Icon Lifetime Achievement Award:
Stan Lee — Presenter: Tobey Maguire. Accepting: Stan Lee

Ultimate Scream:
Star Trek — Presenter: Morgan Freeman. Accepting: William Shatner

Thoughts?! Leave them here!

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  • Me

    Ugh! Disgusting! Most of these winners suck. The fact that twilight and transformers won anything is laughable. But it’s nice to see that True Blood, Alice in Wonderland, and Star Trek won. I voted for them.

  • Linda Pennock

    Best Comic Book Writer is GEOFF JOHNS– puhleese, spell his name right!

  • Angela

    Harry Potter should have won. FUCK TWILIGHT.

  • Haylee Powell

    Paramore should have won!uggh taylor lautner should not have won

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