Tiger Woods Brings Out His Wifes Inner Tiger!

by OhEmGee on November 28, 2009

Once upon a time there was an angry wife, Elin Nordegen, who decided to claw her husband, Tiger Woods, after confronting him about seeing another woman.

When news first broke it was said that Woods was involved in a serious car accident in which his car hit a fire hydrant and then hit a tree. But, that is not what happened according to TMZ, they’re reporting that after the couples argument about seeing another woman started becoming heated; she “scratched” his face up. Then he stormed off to his SUV where he tryed to escape, but was “distracted” after big momma Tiger attacked the car with a golf club repeatedly, causing him to crash.

It was also said that Woods seemed a little whacked out when authority arrived at the scene, but further studies show that he was taking prescription pain medicine for an injury, which could explain his wackiness at the scene.

Either way it sounds like Woods needs to put a leash on his Tiger!

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